Greece is a beautiful country and indisputably a perfect summer destination. 

Paralia is selected by an increasing number of tourists every year due to its beach which lies for kilometers, sandy and clean with friendly and shallow water. It comes as no surprise that Paralia is awarded with the European Blue Flag each year.

Paralia is a good place to start your journey in order to visit all the sights of the hinterland of Greece. In close distance you will find the Mount Olympus, which is the highest point in Greece (2,919 meters high) and the "Home of the Gods", home of the Twelve Olympians, the twelve principal Gods of the ancient Greece. Moreover, Vergina, where the tomb of the King Phillipos (the father of Great Alexander), is located together with more macedonean tombs, is just a short bus ride away. There also you can find the golden diadema, a funeral present to the great dead King. A masterpiece of goldsmithing of all Ages, undoubtedly not to be missed. Finally, there are many travel agencies organising trips all over Greece with Meteora, Athens and Greek Islands being some of the trips organised on a weekly base during summer time. 

You will never get bored at Paralia. There are harbour facilities for yachts and small crafts, sea sports and a great number of rooms of all categories from 5 Start Hotels to rented apartments. Moreover, there are plenty of places to taste Greek and International food, shops for endless shopping, important cultural displays and finally a great variety of night clubs where you can party all night long. 

To end with, Paralia is only 8 kms away from Katerini and is situated 70 kms from Thessaloniki and the Makedonia International Airport.


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